we are all a work in progress.

Thanks for being so patient while you waited for my latest blog entry!

Things have been a little insane. I stopped for lunch the other day at my husband's favorite Chinese restaurant. If you're in the Austin area, we eat at Twin Lion and no other Chinese food place. Every single time we go, they remember my husband's favorite dish (Mongolian beef, no vegetables). They're located on Burnet if you're in the Northern area. Anyway, this was my fortune. How apropos, no?

I have been having a hard time with this one. I want the shop to be finished NOW. Not in 10 days. TODAY.

But then again, full on knowing that the steadier the pace, the steadier the footing.

Then again, it went from this:

to this:

so I can't really complain too much. All things in time.

A lot of people keep asking me what kind of fabric we'll be carrying, and do we have this person's collection and do you have yo-yo-makers and all kinds of inquiries. I am so happy that you are all so curious!!! This means that, hopefully, you'll be making a visit soon!

I will have many collections; some are shipping now, some are already here, and some are slated for spring and summer! Fabric is a tricky thing; the way it's distributed is different than any other retail item I've known. I have to buy fabric now for spring, summer, and fall, without really knowing what's going to sell today. That being said, if I had it my way, I'd just buy everything and let somebody else worry about the bills! (Wouldn't THAT be a perfect world!)

A lot of you know my Bonus Mom and her quilting endeavors as well. Villa Rosa Designs will be a house brand here at Remnants. I will be doing her pattern distribution, both wholesale and retail. She currently has 40 patterns available that we will carry. 

Because I am a young gal (25, going on 26) with limited credit and limited capital, please be patient if you do not see your favorite pattern, designer, or notion right away. I believe that slow and steady wins the race. I am open to buying suggestions as well! If you see something incredible while browsing Indygo Junction and you're thinking "why in the heck hasn't she started carrying this?!", send me an email!

Also, because we are an urban fabric shop with an emphasis on ART, I am sending out a homing signal to all my stabilizer/fusible/batting buddies!! HELP ME!!! I am wanting to cater to my artquilters. So, my question to y'all is: WHAT IN THE WORLD DO I BUY?!

Also, because we are only 9 DAYS TILL OPENING!!!!!!!!!, I am a little off-the-grid, blogspeaking. BUT. I am always checking my facebook and twitter! @fiberculture on twitter, and my facebook is here. Find me! I'm friendly. (I swear sometimes, and also make a lot of references to hip hop, so if that offends or annoys you, probably not the best idea to friend request me.) 

BUT. My biggest obsession right now is INSTAGRAM!!!!!!! If you have an iPhone, this is the funnest app. It's a camera that you can use to take photos, change the filtering, and share with your friends. You can post to twitter or facebook, or just keep it separate so only your instagram friends can see your photos. I love the vintagey looks that it has, and how easy and fast it is to post what I'm doing when I'm doing it. I get a kick out of seeing my friend's random snapshots as well. I even follow some of my favorite musicians, like Mac Miller

What else...so much to say, so little time to update. I cannot WAIT for you to see some of the furniture that my husband Mike and I have been refurbishing for the shop! We are huge Goodwill people- waste not, want not. We like to use resources that would ordinarily be considered refuse, because we know in our hearts that we are putting these objects to great use. We rescued quite a few rogue chairs and tables from ending up in the big living room in the sky. In fact, I may implement a furniture rescue program, we've been having so much fun painting! 

Speaking of painting, it's time I get back. I have a delightful little Joel Dewberry chair that is screaming for attention. Not to mention my decoupaged end tables need a little love too....

...so much creativity, love, and inspiration your way.