California dreaming

It is no secret that I originally hail from the greatest state in all of the land. Don't be jealous, don't be hating!

When I first moved to Texas, my viewpoint on it was that everyone was like this:

Or this:

(still kind of do, sorry! like I said, I don't stereotype, I recognize patterns!)

That being said, I'm sure your viewpoint on California is this:

(only seen it once in my life, not too exciting, I kid you not)

Or this:

(for the record, nobody in their right minds wears JUST a bikini to surf, and also for the record, I've only done it once and once was enough for me. Not EVERYTHING in California is next to the ocean!)

Welp, the California in my head that I see looks a little more like this:


Or this:

(this is Tower Bridge in Sacramento. Tower Bridge, as in mom's pattern.....we're not proud at all, are we?!)

I can't help but feel this twinge inside me...I call it "waggly legs" get on a plane and get the heck over there! It's March, the blossoms are all out (hellllooooo allergies!), all the little baby calves and sheep are prancing around, the horses are all shedding their winter coats....I'm sure you're thinking right now Is she talking about Texas again? but no, no, I saw FAR more livestock in NorCal than here.

This is about the perfect time of year to visit. In the summertime, it gets to be about 100-110 degrees of dry heat. No humidity in the air. Your sweat turns to steam. Any 80s babies remember that episode of The Adventures of Pete and Pete when it's the hottest day of the year and all of the tires on the cars stick to the asphalt and one of the Petes' shoes stick to the ground? There's a phone booth in the middle of nowhere that rings and he picks it up? Anyone?!? Yep. California.

Originally, the plan was to get on a plane and be in California in 5 days. This was supposed to finally be over. The trial was supposed to start, and justice was supposed to be served.

If I lived my life based on what's supposed to happen, rather than what actually happens, then I'd be living a perpetual lie. I never thought it was going to be easy on me, emotionally or geographically, to see this trial thru to the end. I also never thought it would take four years just to start the trial.

I feel a twinge of guilt (not waggly legs, actual guilt) that I have started this business and cannot come back for the trial. This whole time I've been waiting for vindication; waiting for the moment that I can look my friend's murderer in the eyes, and say everything while saying nothing.

That being said, I know that the best thing that I can do is just live. Be the best Jessica I can be, and that is exactly the lesson I've learned from this whole experience.

I have to tell you how excited I am about the shop and everything that's been going on... was the best day ever. We were super busy this morning! At one point we had several groups of guests intermingling, and that was a great feeling. I get really excited when my guests come in and show me finished projects using fabric they bought from my store. Heather paid me a visit today to show off this awesome quilt top she made using Parson Gray's new line Curious Nature, and also brought a good friend to show them my store! I believe she will be debuting the pattern pretty soon, and if she'll let me snag a good photo, I'd like to share it.


here is a brief tourette's of what I am planning for the summer.....

***Charity Sit and Sew- this will be two days a month, on a Friday midday and on a Saturday evening. That way all the mamas and working mamas and mamas mamas can all accomodate the time.

-Introduction to Quilting
-Color is Key (a lesson in color theory)
-Lady and the Scrap (a lesson in utilizing what you already have in your stash, and beefing it up)
-I'm in Love with a Stripper (a humorous take on strip piecing)

***One Woman Art Show
-a month of featuring some of our area's best fiber artists, one talented lady at a time

***Sample Spree
-where if you want it, but don't want to quilt it yourself, or you aren't a quilter but want one of our babies....they are not free, but need to go to a good home. Some of our baby quilts start at $30 for a custom pieced, custom quilted baby blanket.

WHEW!! That was a lot to get out!!


Ladies, I really need your help getting our charity off the ground. I am seeking your old ugly fabric from your stash. Why let it sit and gather dust? I'm sure if your husband saw how empty your sewing room was after you destashed, and that all your old fabric went to help children struggling because their parents are on drugs and they're in foster care, don't you think he'd be MORE than happy to buy you some more?!

For every yard you donate to our charity, I will discount one yard in the store 10%. If you donate 10 yards, I will give you a yard for free.  I have to approve the donation, so don't be thinking that you're going to give me Aunt Betty's boucle from the 1960s and come out like a bandit. The point is to give back, and I am giving something back to y'all in hopes that it's an incentive for you to help someone else. We are all so fortunate. The premise of charity is to give and expect nothing in return, and to give to those who can never repay you. We are the voice, we have the power, and yet we do nothing. So we're doing something. : )

Speaking of doing's one of the first NICE days we've had in a while. Part of being the boss means sometimes doing things just because you can and you have the power to do it. So. That being said. I'm going to shut the store down an hour early today and go to the lake. That's right, I said it, I meant it!

I hear the waves calling my name....this is no Pacific Ocean, but it will do...

Sew long! May you have a bright, bright sunshiney day!