Me, I'm a creater, thrill is to make it up. -Santigold

A wise friend once told me that there are two types of people in this world: creaters and destroyers. He told me that no matter what, one can always break it down, on the most simplistic level, to creaters and destroyers. One can be irresponsible, but still be a creater. One can be a lover, but still be a destroyer.

I believe in this whole-heartedly. Just remembering this basic fact has helped me cope with uncertainty. At least I am still creating, still cultivating, still cutting and still quilting!

Speaking of cultivating, yesterday we had a visitor come to see us. Shopowners and readers of The American Quilt Retailer may recognize this face:

That's right-Moda's very own Jim Salinas!

I consider Jim one of the most influential retail gurus in the hobby/niche industries. He's like the quilt whisperer! Not only did I get great advice on how to (re)merchandise my store, I got a lot of valuable business insight as well. It is also always really nice to be complimented on all of your hard work. (brushes dirt off of shoulder) So all in all, a great time was had and I am feeling good!

I find it ironic that I was at the store till almost 2pm yesterday, and when I went to the bank and came back, there was a sign on the door from Fedex announcing that we missed a package. Le sigh. But that's ok! Today should feel like Christmas. I'm pretty sure that it's Cosmo Cricket's Salt Air!! I am very excited about that. we have had the precuts for a little less than a month and I have been patiently waiting for the arrival of the full bolts.

Speaking of arrivals...I may have gotten a LITTLE excited about another line we just received...

What can I say? I'm in the right industry.

Oh OH OH! I also need to announce to the world, that I am now officially a garment sewist.

Because I hemmed my own dress.

Pssssh. Don't judge me! It's a start. My sister is proud. I texted her immediately afterwards- a total "look mom! no hands!" moment, which is silly but I am still VERY triumphant about my victory over chiffon. Viva la revolucion!

Oh yeah, talk about Revolucion....Because we are on a low budget, we have started a kickstarter to help with some of our visual needs. We find inspiration from all places- our favorite designers, rock stars, my grandma Pam, our customers, the ladies I grew up working with in mom's California Quiltmakers shop...that being said, We are trying to pay homage to these wonderful ladies and gentleman by creating a photo-canvas wall in our quilt studio. We are hoping to raise about $2,000. So far, we have $470 raised by donators. The cool thing is, when you donate, you get a reward! We are handmaking rewards for our donators. If you are interested, or would like to raise awareness for our awesome shop, you can go here:

PLEASE help us achieve our goal! We are only 23% to our target, and kickstarter will only release the funds if you donate the full amount. Every little bit counts! A dollar, a dub, a Benny, they all add up to a SWEET studio!

If you haven't come by to see us yet, please pay us a visit, we would love to see you. 10435 Burnet Road, Suite 106, in Austin Texas...that's the place to be. If you come during the hours of 10-6 between Tuesday and Saturday, we'll be here!

These beautiful bolts of fabric are calling my name..."join us", they are saying....
until next time,