The future of retailing.

Do any of my loyal, lovely readers use Square for any online shopping? Square is a unique little device that you can plug into your iPhone, iPad, or Android and use to take payments in lieu of a credit card machine. Many street vendors and traveling companies are using it. I have decided to use it here at Remnants to take payments as well. Our online store will still take credit cards the same, but our instore register will be Square.

What I love the best about this little device is that it emails or texts you a receipt instead of wasting paper. The stores (me!) save quite a bit on credit card fees as it just charges a flat rate per transaction and no other fees.

What I also love about this little guy is that you get to sign with your finger.

How cool is that? I can now follow you around the store harassing you for money with my iPhone. 

Jessica, that's great, you have a new little toy. Why is that relevant to me? you may be wondering.

Let me paint a picture for you. You are tired, it's Friday, and it's the weekend coming up. All you want to do is find a nice binding fabric for that Parson Gray baby quilt you are working on. You come into the store, ask the lovely, ravishing beauty working there to cut fabric for you (me, naturally, heehee) realize that you left your credit card at home. Crap. Now you can't buy anything! And here I just cut you 5/8 of a yard. Bad panda.

Had you signed up for Square in advance, and set up a profile, you could have said to yourself, "no sweat, I'll just add it to my tab."As a consumer, you can sign up for Square and have a "tab" with your preferred stores. You close out your tab when you are done shopping, and the funds are automatically deducted from your account without you needing to swipe anything. All that energy you save not-swiping you can use to swipe a rotary blade or rip out a bad seam....SEE?! I am looking out for you and your unfinished projects!

It may seem like a hassle or just another thing you're signing up for online, but Square is secure and it's convenient. By saving your local quilt shop (me again!) half or more of their current credit card fees, that frees up money to buy extra collections of fabric. So in the end, you are benefiting as well!

I will track all of my guests that pay using Square and those that do can earn loyalty rewards--- percentages off their fabric purchases. It's time to get tech-saavy, everyone!

In other news.....we will be spending the weekend cutting up and packaging our kits and photographing our new fabric to add to our website!

We just received our Audrey's Treehouse pattern for the Timeless Treasures' Plume kit! The Peacock is IN!