Springtime in Texas.


Thanks for being so patient. Gosh, it seems like it's been a million years since I have been able to dignify this little blogaroo. How are y'all? How is everything? Working on any new projects lately?

Where do I even begin when it comes to all the interesting and fun things we have been doing lately...

Oh yes, we crashed the San Antonio Modern Quilt Guild's retreat and offered them a mini-show, where they got to shop out of our boutique in the comfort of the retreat walls! What they saved on gas money they splurged on fabric. We had a blast! I love this group of ladies so much. They really have a great group of gals that love to expand their quilting horizons, and have an organized and clear approach to their guild. I love and deeply appreciate these ladies for allowing me to come and peddle fabric at their retreat!

A couple snapshots of some of the hard work from our lovely Alamo ladies.

this is their awesome design board which wraps all around the retreat walls

Danielle Wilkes and friends *shoutout!*

I believe this is Doris' quilt, and it is amazing. I love the use of color here, and of course, seeing as how I love all things Mexican and Catholic.....this quilt has a special place in my heart. 

I honestly cannot remember the designer, I deeply apologize, but I love these wonky blocks and the theme fabric as well. I believe this fabric is from Stitch Lab.

This is the entrance of the retreat space, where you can see lovely treats, and Leslie's sweet quilt in the background. 

At their retreat, they do a silent auction, where members de-stash and donate gifts and other items to the auction. All the money benefits the guild. This is such a killer idea. 

This is Leslie's phenomenal artistic wonky block quilt. She even took fabric she wasn't that jazzed about, and added paint, bleach and other medias and redesigned the fabric. I'm SO INTO THAT.

So as you can see, they are not only a talented group, but fun. Thanks to SARA GUERRA ELLIOTT for inviting me to participate! San Antonio, I love you gals, keep quilting! 

A lot of my guests have been wondering why it's been so slow coming with blogging and the like. I'm sorry that I have been absentee. For the past few months, Mike and I have been living in Rosanky, which is about an hour and twenty minutes from our shop on Burnet Road. We have finally found a place to live about ten minutes from the shop. Patience is a virtue! Many thanks to our patient guests as we transition into a more stable environment. 

You're probably wondering, where the heck is Rosanky?

It is located off Highway 71 and Highway 304 in Texas. If you know where Bastrop is, we are about twenty minutes outside of Bastrop. Now, I grew up in the country, don't get me wrong, but some things out here even surprised me. I've dealt with foxes, mice, rabbits, weasels, possums, pheasants, crows, cows, chickens, ducks, geese, horses, and other livestock. I have NEVER encountered scorpions before! This was a new one for me. 

Because I enjoyed our nature walks and other quirks of country life, I comprised a little slideshow for y'all to see life in the 'Zanks. All photos were taken using my iPhone and filtered using Instagram. Do you instagram? I'm @jessicaksloan and I always post new fabric, kits, bundles, etc on my instagram, as long as fun photos of my son and my husband, and pics from our Naturewalks. 

Enough about scorpions, Jessica, where the heck is the FABRIC?!?, you may be thinking....

This just came in earlier today. SO EXCITED! Laura Gunn is an incredibly talented painter who has managed to properly transpose her designs onto fabric. Incredibly well done line, I love the colors. Garden Wall by Laura Gunn.

Also very excited about Pillow and Maxfield's Ooh La La. We have made an incredibly fun, crisp baby quilt out of the line and are debuting the kits later this week! 

This line we can't keep in stock. We are on our second reprint of VeloCity, with an awesome Opening Night Rosecard kit available for $40! Kit includes a FREE Rosecard pattern! We are one of only SIX stores in the nation that carry this line in its entirety. I can't imagine why only six stores would have purchased it, but I know that we are six SMART stores!! Ha!

We also have our Celebrate Seuss kit ready to sew! Cheaper by the Dozen pattern, 12 fat quarters, an inner and outer border, and it's WOO WHO! (That's a Who for Horton to Hear!)

The Timeless Treasures Plume kit that a lot of you are anxious to sew is on its way! The pattern designer popped the patterns in the mail today. I am biting my fingernails waiting for it! Thanks to LISA G who is now LISA P! Congratulations!

Sending so much love and light to my faithful readers and quilters.