Piecing things together.


Sorry I've been so mean.

Every person that does great things is often faced with interference or obstacles in their path. In order to reach satisfaction and enlightenment, one must overcome all obstacles in the path that limit oneself.

I have learned that I don't always handle stressful situations well. This week was insane. The internet was down. There was the great cricket-apocalypse. My bobbin winder broke. I forgot to pay one of my bills. Tegan was fussy the entire week cooped up in the kids room here. Life. Is. Insane.

So in order to reach my own level of enlightenment, I took the past few days to evaluate things and decided that humor is the best medicine for duress. Life is funny. We must learn to laugh at ourselves. 

So, party plans have been underway. I've been busy collaging, scrapbooking, hanging, quilting, piecing, binding, pricing, and raffle-prize-rabblerousing! This is an exciting time for me- to be able to bring Quilt Market to the masses and let them all see how much fun we've been having. To be able to show the fabric buying process, the fellowship and the shenanigans.

Grandma Pam, if you're reading this, I really, really wish you could be here tonite. Everyone loves the flower basket quilts I've hung up in the quilting studio and you get a lot of oohs and ahhhs! : )

Here's a little tease as to what you may possibly win tonite if you attend the party:

10 lucky gals will receive one of the newest Amy Butler patterns! Thanks, Amy!!!

5 lucky guests will make out with a Michael Miller Clubhouse charm pack, and 10 colorful quilters will be blessed with a Michael Miller Cotton Couture charm pack!!! Thanks Michael Miller- you rock!!

Happy Saturday! Hope to see you tonite if you are in the Austin, Texas area. Our party is from 7-10 pm tonite, and it is at my quilt shop located at 10435 Burnet Road, Suite 106, Austin, Texas 78758. 888-TO-QUILT is the number to call if you get lost.