Where the wind comes sweeping down the plain.

So. We wrapped up Quilt Market with tear-down, last-minute gifts and pics, and a 6 hour trip to Seminole, Oklahoma. Why in the world did we stop in Seminole? For a few reasons. One reason is that it is almost a halfway point between Kansas City and Austin. And secondly because my good friend Beth just moved there from California and this is our first time seeing each other in four years. In fact, the last time we saw each other was at our friend Mark's funeral, and the day we rolled in just so happened to be his birthday. Bittersweet reunion, but a great day to do it. 

I naturally slept most of the way to Seminole, taking cat naps in between gas station stops (shot glasses for my friend Amanda along the way, to Mike's disgruntled sighs of discontent). We rolled into Seminole around 2am. Beth is awesome and stayed up until we got there, and so did her new husband Josh. I was so happy to see her!! This was my first time meeting Josh and I was really happy he stayed up to say hi, considering he had to work early in the morning. 

So Gina, Mike and I crashed out in the living room and caught up on our beauty sleep. Beth had promised to tattoo Mike in the morning, and I was hoping I could convince her to blast me too. I knew exactly what I wanted to get- a butterfly from Valori Wells newest collection of fabric. It took little convincing for Beth to concede to do the job. (This is what I love about having talented friends. Awesome hookups!)

Beth and Gina just so happened to have the same exact shade of pink hair. 

While Beth prepped her tattoo area, Gina and I got out all of our market pamphlets, fliers and memorabilia  and separated them into piles. 

This is what we do after every Quilt Market. That way we stay organized, recycle all of the papers that have no relevant use to us, and gather our ideas from this past event for future use. 

And then we got tattoos. 

And it was awesome.

I'm glad I got to reward Mike and myself for our hard work. Butterflies are a symbol that float in and out of my life, and it felt like the right time. Many thanks to my gal Valori Wells for this beautiful fabric line. It's already one of my favorite collections of ALL TIME!! So beautiful!

And as fast as it was here, it was over. 

We were having so much fun, and then back to work. But still a great week to go back- we received Denyse Schmidt's Flea Market Fancy (legacy reprint!!), I received my awesome Miss KK doll in the mail from Budapest, Hungary, and Tegan graduated from preschool.

I almost cried when I got it. 

And I missed out on this because I had to work, but little Tegan is finally going to be in kindergarten this fall and he was really excited to pass preschool.

Next blog I'll tell you all about the new collections we've received and the upcoming blog tour I've been asked to participate in! Yippee!

Happy travels this summer,