Hearts Everywhere: Why I Decided to Lower My Prices

It all started with a contest that Amy Butler was having on her Facebook page- spot a naturally occurring heart shape and snap a photo of it.

At first I thought I'd find one and do it just for funsies. And sure enough, on my run that day I found a stone shaped like a heart and snapped a photo.

[This is where said photo would be, except my iPhone got stolen yesterday off the checkout counter at Walgreen's. Ouch. I'm an idiot for not paying attention. Photo edit to come when new phone arrives. Thank goodness for my work phone, which is sadly from the 1990's and does not take awesome photos of heart shaped anythings.]

It seems like since that day, hearts have been following me everywhere. I really enjoy looking at graffiti when I'm on my daily run, and it seems like everywhere I turn there is a lovey theme to the art that I've found.

castle hill, austin texas

When the tree in my front yard was cut, there was a heart shape left where the branch used to be.

not the branch in my yard, but a reasonable facsimile. 

I started thinking about how happy this made me feel when I saw these images. My thoughts turned to joy and love, period, and what those words really mean.

the beauty of street art is that it's forever changing--this graff on lamar is long gone. 

I've learned a lot about love---not necessarily romantic love (I'd be lying if I said I haven't learned a bit about it this year, but that's not what I'm talking about here), but what it really is to have love in your heart, just because you can.

Love is a choice. We choose to be loving or not to the people around us.

So speaking of loving choices....

 I love each and every one of you so much that I've decided to lower my computerized longarm quilting price back to $.01/square inch. The type of quilting I do--quick, quality and computerized- doesn't need to cost an arm and a leg. I overheard so many of my guests in my shop rationing out grocery money savings or deciding which quilts get done and when they can do so, simply because it wasn't affordable.

I'd like quilting to be more available, because the more quilts you finish, the happier you'll be and the more love you'll experience.

If I can spread the love of quilting and bring a little joy into your life, then that brings joy into my life and gives me those lovey feelings, too. I quilt because I love it, and because I want to share that love with others.

I'm off to bring joy and love into my life by entering my studio! Bring me your quilt to finish, and stop by to see my studio- I'd love to see you!